Nice to meet you,

I'm Mike.

Thank you for requesting more information
about our Automated Income System.

If you can click buttons and follow simple step-by-step instructions, then we believe you can succeed with our company. Our automated, done-for-you marketing system does most of the work for you, just follow our step-by-step plan for your small part (or go big and work harder, your choice!).


First, Take this Quick Quiz

"Do I Qualify to Become a Home-Based Business Success Story"

1. Do I have access to the Internet on a regular basis?

2. Do I have a mobile phone that can send and receive text messages?

3. Can I follow simple instructions on exacty what to do and how to do it with these two devices?

4. Can I click buttons on a regular/daily basis? (inside your exclusive, included automated marketing system)

5. Am I willing to 'stick to it' until it creates the level of income I desire?

Did You Say Yes to all 5 Questions? Great, you qualify!

Congratulations, here's how it works.

We've developed a simple, yet highly-effective way of doing business by using the latest technology in mobile, social and custom built marketing systems.

After testing, tweaking and perfecting, our flagship system is now ready for you! It's been perfected and now YOU can take advantage of our highly-tuned, marketing machine and put it to use immediately.

What you DON'T Have to Do:

Meet with prospects at the coffee shop (unless you want to!)

Fight Traffic to Attend Hotel Meetings (unless you want to!)

Bug Family and Friends (unless you want to)

Figure out what to say to prospects (we've already figured that out and put it into the system)

Make a list of every person you've ever known with plans to 'pitch' them (only if you want to)

Spend a fortune on advertising (without the proper tools or training)

Figure out How to Succeed WITHOUT a step-by-step system

Hire and manage webmasters to create websites

Hire a copywriter or write your own capture pages/sales pages/autoresponder messages

Figure out how to host your own site (we've done all of that for you already)

What you DO Have to Do:

Follow simple instructions and be consistent

Click the buttons as outlined in your FREE action plan

Particpate in the Online and/or Phone Events for Maximum Results

Don't Quit No Matter What!

Dedicate at least 5-10 Hours Per Week Your First 90 Days.

Does this sound good to you? Great, proceed to the next step.

What is the secret to our success?

So how do we do it, what is our secret?

Well, we're not going to give everything away just yet, but it's really quite simple.

First, we stock your system with 100 or more high-quality fresh, home-based business leads every month! (on the recommended PRO system)

We then show you 3 buttons to click in your backoffice, to instantly communicate with ALL of these people!

The entire system is virtally goof-proof!

Next, your system comes pre-loaded with all of the necessary persuasive follow-up sales letters.

Just login once or twice a week and choose one of the professionally written messages to send.

Plus, by clicking other buttons in your backoffice you could set off a tidal wave of social media leads at no expense!

There's much more but we're not going to over complicate it for you at this time.

Let's see if you qualify for Step 3.

Are you really ready for success?

Can You Commit to the System as it Grows?

"Am I financially ready to run an automated business?"

It would be great if everything was free, but then where would the money come from to pay you? It should come as no surprise that there are expenses involved and that product must be sold in order to generate commissions, month after month, year after year.

Our automated marketing system helps save you dozens and dozens of hours of work every month by automating nearly every step of the process for you and your prospects. And, as mentioned in the video, our system is connected to a company who's products and/or services are pushed through the marketing system, thus generating the commissions.

So your commitment is two-fold.

1. Commit to the marketing system so that you have a turnkey way of showing people the system and products, in addition to providing you with 100 or more fresh people to 'pitch' every month, even more if you click a few extra buttons in your backoffice on a regular basis.

2. Purchase the company's products every month to enjoy the benefits of the products and to qualify for your monthly commissions.

"So, can I pass this quiz?"

1. I realize that a quality home business may require some money to get running properly.

2. If necessary, I would spend money on my future success rather than on non-crucial 'luxury' items like specialty coffee, going out to eat a few less times per month, etc.

3. I'm prepared to stick with it financially to develop a solid residual income.

4. I have access to a few hundred up to a few thousand to get my business started.

5. I have access to a few hundred dollars per month for my marketing and product-related expenses.

Did you Check off ALL 5? Great, let's continue!

The goal of our system is to get you into profit as quickly as possible.

The Company and Products

Here's a Look at The Company That PAYS YOU!

A solid stable company that can pay you for a lifetime!

Watch the video for a brief presentation on the company, products and opportunity.

We scrutinized many different companies that would be a perfect match for our automated system, here's our choice and we hope it's yours as well.

"Can I Pass the Company Quiz?"

1. I can see myself and/or family using some of the company's products on a regular basis.

2. I like the ability to earn a free car or free vacations.

3. I'm glad to see the company has quality people involved.

4. I'm excited by the potential opportunity and rewards the company offers.

5. I understand now that is a solid company and one that can pay me and my family for many years and that if I am serious about the business, one of the Business Builder Starting Packs is the best and only way to get started.

Did you Check off ALL 5? Great, let's continue!

The System that Does Virtually Everything for You


If YOU Are Serious, Then I Will Invest in YOUR Success.

Watch the video for a brief presentation on the system I can give you for free, but you've got to hurry, I've only got a limited amount to give away.

"Can I Pass the Marketing System Quiz?"

1. I understand I must act quickly to receive one of the free launch systems from my sponsor.

2. I understand there are additional upgrades to really make my system 'go'.

3. I'm ready to get started with a system.

4. I understand I need to start with a qualifying purchase to show my sponsor I'm serious about my own success and that I deserve one of these free, highly valuable systems.

5. I understand I can upgrade my account so that I have a true plug'n'play system and have leads imported into my account every month.

Did you Check off ALL 5?

Great, now you're ready to get started!

Your Final 2 Steps:


Step 1

Join the Company


Step 2

Choose Your Automated Marketing System

Option 1 - The Full System - Instant Site Set-up


If you want the 100 Leads per month and the Done-For-You System
as described above, click above and get the PRO package.
(includes the 90-Day Launch System and much more)

Option 2 - The Free System


After You Join the Company, You May Request the FREE 90-Day Launch System from Me.

Contact Me ASAP with Any Questions

Mike Savage Jr. ~ MyTCMS
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