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My Total Connect Marketing System

2014-07-15 21:46:39

My Total Connect Marketing System


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MyTCMS has multiple services in one great marketing platform called My Total Connect Marketing System.This system is built for people and businesses of all kinds. Every page has video tutorials provided for you to building your pages and information you need to pass on to others. Wether if you new to marketing systems or existing marketers, this system is a wonderful tool to grow your business and saves you time and money.


You have three great packages to choose from, you may also test this system for $1.00 for 7 days to see how great this system will help you and your business.



   Turnkey Funnel

  • 3 Lead Capture Pages
  • 1 Website Tour
  • Default Email Autoresponders
  • Site Stats
  • Contact Manager
  • Training



   Also Includes:

  • Unlimited Email Campaigns
  • Unlimited Email Broadcasting
  • SEO Friendly Blog - Create Unlimited Pages
  • Mobile Site
  • Video Lead Capture Pages
  • Video Email Marketing
  • Ad Co-op Management
  • Unlimited Do-It-Yourself Lead Capture Pages



   Includes Plus Package AND:

  • TotalConnectPro - Automated Voice/Text Messaging
  • Instant Voice Call to Prospects
  • Instant Text Messages to Prospects
  • Autoresponder Voice Calls
  • Autoresponder Text Messages
  • Premium Lead Capture Pages
  • Mobile Marketing Funnels
  • Premium Mobile Marketing Center


My Total Connect Marketing System is a win win situation for you and your prospects, everyone will be happy with the results. This marketing system is great for business of all kinds and great for life. Getting started may take some time but in the long run it will save you a lot of time and money. MyTCMS has voice and/or text message and email messages already provided for your new members that join under your link.

You can also generate leads to this marketing system threw your web pages you share. It also has links leading to your social sites. Your prospects can also comment on your blog by choosing which social media network there associated with.


How does this system saves time?

Blogging and Videos

Lets say your prospect lands on your site, there looking threw your site and they have a question(s) or concerned about something. In this system you can provide them with questions they may have by building a blog or video(s) you created.

Email and Text

If your planning an event like a webinar meeting every week, you can use this system to automatically send your message out to your team or followers. You can choose any day for your email to go out. If they provide you with there cell number you can send a text message, if for some reason it's canceled you message them about canceling the meeting or event that's happening.

note: With the information they provide you with you can add it to your system.


How can your prospects help you?

If for some reason they did not find what there looking for and they contact you about the issue they have. You provide them the information and there happy with the result. Then you can add that same question or concern to your system and add the information. This way when the next person is looking for the same results, it's provided for them.


How does it saves money?

Lets say you don't have a blog, this system has a built-in blog provided for you and your business. It will save you from hosting a website and a domain name, here it's provided for you. In the long run you will save money from web hostings sites.



My Total Connect Marketing System is a Win Win Situation for Everyone.

Great For Business & Great For Life.


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